How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping

How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping

How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping the text gives you an idea of ​​the Garden.
look at How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping article to beautify your garden spaces.

Project Overview

Total Time:
16 hrs

Skill Level:

Estimated Cost:
$8 to $10 per 10 linear feet

There are different types of French drains, and the types used in landscaping are for dealing with excess surface water. For example, if your neighbor’s land stands at a higher elevation than yours, you might get water runoff from your neighbor after a heavy rain. Because you can’t change the neighbor’s land, you need better yard drainage to deal with all the water. A French drain is a common and inexpensive solution.

What Is a French Drain?

A landscaping French drain is a gravel-filled trench that's lined with landscape fabric to keep soil and silt out of the gravel. While some types of these drains include a perforated drain pipe (also called drain tile) and may be covered with grass, the traditional French drain is simpler with no drain pipe and gravel running all the way to its surface.

With a French drain, surface water flows into the trench, where it freely moves through the gravel. The bottom of the trench is sloped slightly, so gravity carries the water to an exit point at the end of the trench. At the exit point, the water can be collected in a large swale or a dry well, or it can simply flow into a suitable drainage area or a rain garden.

Design a Flowering Rain Garden to Reduce Flooding

Codes and Regulations

Yard drainage projects might be restricted by local building codes, zoning laws, or community rules. Always confirm your plans with the local building and zoning authority and homeowners association as applicable. It can be unlawful to direct water runoff from your property into stormwater systems. If your plan is not approved, you might be able to use an alternative drainage system, such as a dry well, to keep the drainage water on your property and let it soak into the ground rather than flow over the surface.

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