How to Repot Orchids

How to Repot Orchids

How to Repot Orchids the text gives you an idea of ​​the Garden.
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Project Overview

Working Time:
10 – 15 mins

Total Time:
10 – 15 mins

Skill Level:

Repotting your orchids is one of the most important steps you can take for growing and blooming healthy plants. Ideally, you should repot before there’s a problem—but don’t do it too early! Repotting should be done in spring, just before the plants’ growing season begins.

And don't repot a blooming plant if you can help it! Done correctly, repotting shouldn't stress your plants, but set them up for a successful growing season and even better blooms.

So, as you’re repotting, just remember: cleanliness is key, orchids are tougher than you think, and remember to match your media to your moisture.

Deciding When to Repot an Orchid

This is a key question. You need to repot if any of these three conditions are present:

The plant has clearly overgrown the pot, with exposed roots hanging over the edges of the pot.The plant has grown too top-heavy for the available pot and it keeps falling over.The potting media has disintegrated into mush, which can harbor deadly bacteria and fungus.

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